Monday, May 30, 2011

Baggataway Sticks & Wooden Ball

In preparation for the upcoming History Meets The Arts art show in Gettysburg Pa, I and Chris Hays have made these Baggataway sticks and Wooden ball. These sticks are based from original examples at the Native American Museum in Cody Wyoming. These sticks are made from Ash they were steamed and hand bent using my leg as a brace.I used blackened rawhide as the loops and bindings as seen on the originals. These Incorporate some floral carvings, along with pigment filling in the carvings. The sticks these were inspired by are 19Th century in provenance. 
  We also decided to make a wooden ball to go along with the sticks using a Cherry knot. I can tell you handcarving a wooden ball without the use of a Lathe is harder then it looks.

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